This Mother Creates Beautiful Arsty Landscapes With Her Child As A Muse, The Results Are Spectacular

Art can take many forms to express and capture phases in our lives. One Indian mother is capturing her little one growing up in a very creative way. Krinzal, uses her artistic ideas, photography and everyday items to create captivating photos of her baby.


She creates brilliant sceneries like this with stuff you find at home and strategically pose her baby. This hobby of hers lets her tap into her creative side. It is a good thing that she is a teacher. These poses take effort!


She posts these marvelous creations on her page Mommy Creates‘  and already has a budding fan following!

When asked what inspired her to create this page, she quotes:

“I am an artist by hobby. And I love to ensure that things around me look good. I have designed and painted walls in my home and created few paintings too. I love to paint, color, scribble – basically ‘create’ as it helps me to unwind.
When I had my baby initially I would miss not being able to explore my hobby. It was then that my husband suggested blending the pleasure of being with my baby and my creativity which resulted in some wonderful memories for her. In fact the moment she was born we got a good camera and started getting few accessories but never knew the journey would get us this far.
After first few clicks, I got the suggestion to create a Facebook page from one of my mentors at work. My husband, Himanshu suggested the name MommyCreates and also to add some verse with each pic.”


Wondering how she gets her little angel to cooperate with all these creative photo shoots?

The answer is patience. Post a lot of goof-ups, her baby finally recognized this was all in fun and enjoyed being shot in various elaborate setups. These photographs capture her expressions quite accurately!


Her creative style breaks the monotony of regular baby pictures or baby photography. The colorful use of costumes and backgrounds are certainly a great way to capture your little one’s journey.



All Images credited to MommyCreates.

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