10 Done To Death Movie Cliches We Don’t Ever Want To See Again

Cliches are to movies what butter is to bread. Even the most original of stories have an element of cliche. Cliches are alright as long as they are not too much in your face and well treated.

There are certain cliches, however, that are too overdone and should honestly go extinct.

Here are some of them.

#1. Montage of flashbacks


Now, these montages are just an excuse for lazy writing. These sequences usually tell the backstory of the character and sometimes a lot of it. They are the most misused device in filmmaking.

#2. The botched up underdog story

Underdog sells because people relate to them. However, movies do that annoying thing where the characters are bad at a certain thing and midway through the film, they are experts at it. For example the movie Sultan, they did a horrible job. No world class athlete gets to where he is after a month’s training.


#3. The front door is always unlocked

Why are people leaving their doors unlocked?  Don’t they know there are people as robbers and murderers? This trope is especially common in horror films and thrillers.

#4. Running through airports and railway station

Whether its Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na or Notting Hill, each of the love interests are running around trying to chase their better halves down. Why? Can’t they realize they are in love before the train/ plane leaves? How unaware are people about themselves?

#5. One nerdy who is a joke in the group

Nerds sometimes have the most interesting things to say, unlike their popular friend. This nerdy friend is the butt of all jokes. The hidden joke is that the popular people make the worst decisions in movies.

#6. New house with a bad history


If you check any popular Hollywood horror flick, this trope is pretty common.  A family moves into a new house and then spooky things start happening. An exorcist is always ready to sort out the issue, eventually.

#7. The psychopaths and sociopaths always have a reason why they are so messed up

Here’s the thing, sometimes there is serious chemical locha. While how you’ve been conditioned does impact your nature, but if your wiring is all wrong, even the best childhood won’t save you from being a monster. Raman Raghav or American Psycho is a good example of this. Not all evil can be explained by childhood abuse.


#8. The bad guys never manage to kill the hero even  when they are larger in numbers

All that bazookas and handguns yet they never manage to kill the hero. Why? Whether it is Terminator or even Jason Statham, they are always unbeaten. These ‘good guys’ somehow seem to work better alone.

#9. The best friend is always not as good as the lead


In real life, the chances are the best friend is a better choice for you than the main guy. In movies, however, the trope always makes the main lead as the best choice.

#10. Even after the gun that is pointed at his head goes off, the hero does not die

Somehow magically, the main lead does not die. This cliche is used as a cliffhanger. At the right moment, there is someone else who tries to save him. For once, I’d love to see the main lead die with a gunshot injury to head if only to get rid of this cliche.

We as audience demand better than these overused cliches.

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