A BJP Legislator Wants To Ban Momos – And The Internet Is Naturally Outraged!

Momos are perfection. They are soft, fluffy and delicious. They fill you up, they are cheap, they contain hidden goodies like chicken and veggies and pork and this other mystery meat we won’t name. Clearly, they’re too good to be true, which is why the Indian Government does the one thing it can do – it BANS it. WHY! Why the hell would you ban this delicious snack! Because apparently, it may be a little too delicious. So delicious, they are apparently addictive. Like drugs.


“Our teenagers are getting addicted to the dumplings like drugs. It’s spoiling their health. We have to stop it,”

“Momo is a killer and we cannot allow a killer to grow in a civilised society. Ajinomoto is dangerous for health,”

These little gems are courtesy of Ramesh Arora, an MLC based in Jammu. he apparently is not happy with momos. Taking up a personal campaign to ban the snack. He insists that the use of Ajinomoto is the root cause of his campaign against momos. Ajinomoto has been debated to be harmful to health by some and downright carcinogenic by others.


 Nobody thought Twitter would take this lying down – they didn’t.








Excuse us – we urgently need to order some momos. If we die, we die.

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