Mohammed Shami Gets Pissed At A Man Screaming ‘Baap Kaun Hai’ At The Stadium

The ICC Champions Trophy was taken home by Pakistan and team India got home a lot of embarrassment and humiliation. Fans of the Pak team rejoiced all over the globe and the ones present at the stadium made it very evident. One such incident of a man screaming ‘Baap Kaun Hai’ at the stadium ticked off Indian bowler Mohammed Shami.

The Indian cricketer lost his cool when a Pakistani fan screamed ‘Baap Kaun Hai’ repeatedly as the team was exiting the ground. He turned around, looking furious but was asked to calm down by Dhoni.

The match was one of the most awaited cricket matches and fans of both the teams had high expectations from the cricketers. However, team India failed to perform up to the mark and lost the match by 180 runs.

Watch an angry Mohammed Shami stare at the Pakistani fan with immense anger:

This video also shows how calm Dhoni is as a person and when it’s a game involving these two countries, such situations are bound to happen.

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