Jharkhand MLA Has A Genius Reason For Organizing A Kissing Competition

On 10th December 2017, India saw it’s very first kissing competition in Jharkhand.


The kissing competition took place at a mela, in a village called Pakur in Jharkhand. The competition was organized by two Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLA’s. The competition was only for tribal married couples.

MLA Simon Marandi said that the “kissing competition was held to stop the increasing number of divorces in the tribal society.” Another JMM MLA Stephen Marandi was also present at the fair.

BJP has demanded suspension for these two from the Jharkhand Assembly.

Here’s a video from the event:

This is what BJP’s Jharkhand VP had to say about the competition and the organizers:

“JMM MLAs Simon Marandi and Stephen Marandi have insulted the culture of Santhal Pargana in the by organising ‘kissing competition’. We demand their suspension from the House and not allowing them to attend the winter session starting tomorrow,” Hemlal Murmu told reporters at Ranchi.

Murmu also demands that the two apologize to the people of the village.

Simon Marandi told PTI that it was organized among 20 pairs “to strengthen the bond among married couples.” 

Mind you, this bizarre competition was taken place in a village where boys and girls do not even shake hands in public.

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