Mission Impossible’s Theme Song Is The Coolest Thing To Have Come Out Of The 90s

Movie soundtracks have always been an integral part of the cinema viewing experience. They often elevate fantastic storytelling to a degree where even coming across similar music takes us back to the sheer joy we felt during the movie.

And if there’s one iconic soundtrack to have come out of the 90s, it’s the Mission Impossible theme.


You know what I’m talking about. Chances are that it’s already playing in your head since you read the headline.

Here is the official theme:

Mission Impossible Fallout released a new trailer recently. With sleek action sequences, the trailer manages to get your blood pumping. But the true adrenaline rush happens after the MI theme kicks in during the last few seconds of the trailer.

The iconic ‘Mission: Impossible’ theme song took just 3 minutes to write.

You can catch Mission Impossible: Fallout in theatres near you from 27th July.

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