10 Things Millennials Really Need To Stop Feeling Guilty About

Come now, Millennials, I’m not talking about that time you killed your Grandmother’s goldfish.

I’m talking about everyday things you won’t let yourself off the hook for. The kind of stuff you stay up all night thinking about. The kind you carry around for days. The kind of things you should really loosen up about and focus on the real stuff.

Take these off your ledger already.

1. The course you opted for in College

Halfway through my first year, I realized that I’d chosen the wrong degree. But honestly, it’s not the end of the world. Careers, unlike courses, are custom made. Find something that works for you and let go of that regret.

2. Not being excited about going to work

Not everyone ends up “Turning their passion into their paycheck.”
And that’s okay, as long as you’re earning one to support yourself. It’s also okay to not find work in the field of your degree. And to look at your job as a job as a means to an end, the end being the things in worth living for, the things you’re passionate about.

3. Not knowing where you’re going in life

It’s okay to not have your whole life completely charted out at this point in time. Take time to figure out your short-term goals and focus on achieving those instead.

4. Sleeping with the wrong person

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we learn! And people are the best lessons, you know. How else will you know what you really deserve?

5. Binge-eating every now and then

As long as sugary, salty, cheesy comfort foods aren’t a regular part of your diet, don’t guilt trip yourself.

6. Not being financially smart

When you’re a 20 something with barely enough money to pay the rent, it’s all about convenience, not conscientious living. Savings don’t happen overnight. Start with the little things.

7. Not replying to texts/calls on weekends

You don’ have to be available to the world 24×7. You’re allowed to have time to yourself. Take a break.

8. Leaving work on time for once…when the sun’s still out

Again, your job is a job. On the rare occasion that you’re done with your duties early, feel no hesitation to leave your desk ON TIME. Catch up on that social life or the things you love to do.

9. Being selfish

If you find yourself in a situation that hurts you, don’t be afraid to walk away from the mess. And when you do, don’t you dare feel guilty about it.

10. Saying ‘No’ to unnecessary requests

You’re a person, not a people pleaser. Stop saying yes to personal and professional requests that you really don’t want to/need to accept. Your time and energy should not be wasted on things that don’t contribute to your life.

Go ahead and be the best YOU that you can be!

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