Milind Soman’s New Year Resolution Is Making People Ask Him To Calm The F**k Down

Milind Soman is a marathon champ. Unlike most people from the country, he can complete the Ironman Triathlon like he’s walking his dog in a park. And while he’s a good athlete, he probably believes everyone else is too.

milind soman marathon twitter


At least that is what most inferred from this tweet of his. He took to Twitter to ask if anyone would like to accompany him to his daily workout session –  here’s the catch, his demand was a tad bit unrealistic for us mere mortals.

milind soman marathon 7 hours

His new resolution is only possible if you are a student or you are jobless, to be honest. The Twitter thought so as well and this is how they reacted.

#1. This most of us can manage, I bet!

#2. YES! HOW?!

#3. Such eye rolls much wow.

#4.  What I thought exactly. If this were that lucrative, we would be a nation of runners.

#5. He does make a point.

#6. This guy has calculated the effort down to math.

#7. We have something in common.

#8. Earth is overrated.

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