Meet The Guy Who Has Mastered The Art Of Taking Selfies With Animals

Taking selfies with humans is too mainstream! At least for 29-year-old Allan Dixon from Ireland who has got the uncanny ability to talk to animals and get them posing for a picture with him. He seems to befriend animals and sometimes it takes from 5 minutes to three hours for him to get the perfect shot.

Once you see the results, you are left appalled. Talking to Bored Panda, Dixon said, “anywhere between five minutes to three hours of being in the animal’s presence” to take a selfie. “It depends on the animal and how safe it feels. What the photos don’t show is the amount of dirt that ends up on my clothes because of being on the ground. But the results are worth it.”

However, Dixon wants to advise people not to provoke or disturb these animals while taking selfies. Also, he mentions gaining the animal’s trust in a very calm way! And to make sure the animal is not a crocodile!


Smiles all round 😁❤️ @quokkahub #HappyQuokkaMonday #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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Pug Life! Welcoming @sebastian.sherman.the.pug into the world. 🐶#DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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Your mission in life is to goat forth and share happiness.🐐🙌 #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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You can check out more of Dixon’s work on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

(h/t: Bored Panda)
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