Indian Media Stoops To A New Low With Their Coverage Of Sridevi’s Death

Yesterday, we had questioned our compulsive need to know everything about the death of India’s first female superstar – Sridevi. Ever since the news of her death came out, internet has been riddled with ‘theories’ about the incident.

With no investigation whatsoever, people were quick to conclude that a cardiac arrest might be at the center here. Later on, these reports were proved wrong. Did these outlets apologise? No. Because trying to make money out of the death of a person is apparently a good business practice now.

If only so much effort had been put into discussing the actual murder of 27-year-old Madhu, a tribal who was tied and beaten up by a mob. But that doesn’t rake in the moolah. Instead, news channels are now busy fanning these bizarre theories to get more people interested in their network.

Because the death of an Indian icon deserves a shouting match between the members of a panel who are not up to any good.

There’s no commode in this washroom. They’re trying to make up for the lack of shit with their reportage.


How do you look at yourself in the mirror after doing something like this?

The entire newsroom was converted into the bathroom for an ‘up close’ investigation into the matter. The concerned authorities can go fuck themselves because our media outlets are obviously better.

Using footage from her movies to dogwhistle to your viewers is fucking awful. What are you insinuating here?

How does her consuming alcohol concern this news channel? How do they know if she never had alcohol? Is this their way of peddling their skewed idea of morality?

Did the editors not think this through? Did they think this’ll look okay on television sets? I really want to know why they did this.

Classy coverage, guys. Classy!

How the fuck is putting up this design on a news channel acceptable? Is their TRP more important than preserving the sanctity of a dead person?

You’re not just trying to cash in on the emotional aspect of the story, but this is straight up bait for people to cry their eyes out.

How the fuck is this something that demands coverage? Why do you go on a dinner date? Maybe because you’re a happy couple who likes spending time together? How is Sridevi’s personal life of any concern to them?

Saste Sherlock kyu ban gaye hai sab?

Obviously, she is. Her mother just passed away. What the fuck is this reporting?

Please look into what you’re doing, guys. Don’t try and benefit from this huge loss to the industry.

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