Mayawati Threatens To Resign From Rajya Sabha And Twitter Is More Than Happy

Uttar Pradesh politician Mayawati walked out of the Rajya Sabha declaring she would quit if she was not allowed to speak. It is alleged that she was trying to raise the issue of atrocities the Dalits face on daily basis. Accusing the BJP of being anti-Dalit Mayawati said, “Since the BJP has come to power, there have been atrocities on Dalits, minorities starting from Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad, then the Gau Rakshaks (cow vigilantes).”

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“If I am not allowed to speak right now, I will resign right away. I will come and give my resignation right now if I am not allowed to speak”

Outside Parliament, the BSP chief said, “When I tried speaking about the weaker sections today in the Rajya Sabha, I was not allowed to speak. Why?”

But Twitter couldn’t stop laughing –

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