Man Spent Lakhs To Transform Baleno Into Mercedes A-Class Only To Have It Confiscated

This car was modified to such perfection that Taarzan: The Wonder Car would be put down to shame! The owner modified the Maruti Suzuki Baleno car into Mercedez A-class. The Baleno hatchback is one of the most popular cars since the time it was launched in 2015. Known for its features and stunning good looks, this car still has a waiting period.


Well, this is an example of the Indian jugaad being skyrocketed. It all started when the first owner sold his car, reportedly to a friend. But the Registration Certificate of the vehicle wasn’t changed at this point. The second owner (the friend) then modified the undocumented Baleno (to the Mercedes) and went on to sell it to the third party.


The original owner informed the RTO after becoming aware of the situation. Just to give an idea of the comparison: A Mercedes A-Class goes for a price of Rs 27.53 lakh whereas the Baleno, can be bought in the price range of Rs 5.24 lakh-Rs 8.55 lakh.

This news spread like a wildfire and soon the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) then confiscated the car in question.

According to RTO authorities, the modification of the car into Mercedes is illegal. He replaced the bumper, with a Mercedes Diamond grille, alloy wheels, head and tail lamps, sporty air vents and logo of the car. The modification of the car was so perfect that even Mercedes manufactures will find it difficult to point out the fake car at first glance.

RTO authorities have said that the owner of the car decided to put this car for sale in Kerala after he got into trouble for unauthorized modification. The owner spent 3 lakhs for making such modifications. Now, RTO has confiscated it and are deliberating a fine to the original owner of the car.

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