Kolkata Man’s Explicit Online Rape Threat Makes Me Wonder Whether We’re Still Human!

On the 29th of March, a 20-something girl studying in Australia posted a picture with her brother captioned, ‘I miss you. You’re my best friend’. Sometime later, she received a comment from someone called Agniswar Chakraborty from Kolkata. Since he wasn’t known to her, she deleted it, inadvertently hurting his fragile ego and enraging him. What he did next, is pen down this deplorable rape threat.

This coming from a complete stranger on Facebook. How would you feel?

Everyone – regardless of who they are – have faced some kind of online harassment at some point in time. Some more so than others. Most times we shrug it off and block the abuser, preferring not to confront the issue head-on. But think about this for a moment.
Would you allow someone to say the same things to you in real life and get away with it?

Not really.

So why should things be any different online? Why should these criminals be allowed to continue with crimes just because they have the advantage of anonymity?

As a victim of such harassment myself, it makes me angry that we live in a time where people feel free enough to issue rape threats  to anyone they please. More so, that they have the audacity to think they can get away with it. How can someone think these things of another human, so unflinchingly? How do they not stop to ponder even for a moment the implications of their words?

It makes me question the kind of a world we live in, or if there’s any humanity left in us at all. I’m sure apart from being scared, these are the very same thoughts that ran through the girl’s mind.

Luckily, an online harassment page called Shontu is helping her file a FIR with the Bidhannagar police. This is what the page’s founder said to Storypick –

“The guy is liable to jail time after the FIR is lodged. Among other charges, we are also going to charge him under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act because he threatened her 14-year old brother with rape and abuse. We will ensure everything that the guy doesn’t go scot free as he is not a one-time offender.”

After the comment went viral,  a number of celebrities also took to Twitter to express their support to the victim.

It’s reassuring to hear about these developments in the case, especially since the man’s scarring words were not only something the girl had to deal with, but also her little brother. Thankfully, that man will never hurt anyone else like that again, seeing as his account has been suspended by Facebook.

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