Senior Actor And Padma Shri Manoj Joshi Addresses Never Having Won Bollywood Awards

A typical Bollywood award ceremony celebrates the star while willingly ignoring actors because you can’t really make money out of ‘performances’ or film ratings.

In an absurd turn of events this year, Actor Manoj Joshi, who has worked in some 120 films, was finally acknowledged for his contribution to Indian cinema and was awarded a Padma Shri.

He says that whether anyone considers him a ‘Bollywood name’ or not, he remains a part of the industry. Joshi won the National Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2017 for the Marathi film Dashakriya, and in 2018, he is the only actor to receive the Padma Shri.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Joshi says,

“Main Hindi filmon mein kaam karta hoon, aur 120 filmon mein mera kaam hai (I work in Hindi films, and have done 120 films). How does this mean I’m not a part of Bollywood? I’ve worked in films of various languages, too, and been associated with theatre for so long. I don’t know why people initially thought so. Koi maane ya na maane, main toh iss industry ka ek hissa hoon (Whether anyone acknowledges it or not, I am a part of this industry)!”

Manoj Joshi

Joshi asks a rhetorical question:

“Is an actor ‘renowned’ only when he is a superstar? Actor actor hota hai, and it’s the work which makes one great. I’ve never hired any PR agency for publicity, and never aspired to that in my life.”

He also said that the awards never interested him:

“Paan-masala waale awards ki mujhe padhi hi nahi hai (These award shows, which are mostly sponsored by tobacco companies, have never interested me). Mujhe woh award ya nomination mile ya na mile, koi farak nahi padhta (Makes no difference to me if I get those awards, or nominations, or not)! Is there any honour bigger than [the Padma Shri]?”

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