Airport Staff Seen Opening Luggage Of Passengers In Video Shared By Manipur CM

Don’t we travel stress-free when we take a flight because we’re sure that once our luggage has been scanned through the security, it’ll be in safe hands? However, Manipur Chief Minister, N.Biren Singh shared a video that’ll break our myth regarding the security that we assume the airlines provide us.

He shared two videos that allegedly show an Airline staff going through a passenger’s luggage after the security check has been done. He posted the two videos on Twitter with a caption that states ‘Our luggage in the flights safe or not?’

The videos clearly show a man who is from the Airline staff fiddling through a passenger’s luggage while is it being arranged in cargo.

However, it not yet clear which Airline is this from and whether the man who’s going through the luggage is trying to steal something or has his own reasons behind this act. Also, the CM has not mentioned the location of the Airport where this video is being shot.

The thing that is certain and disturbing is the need to open someone’s luggage after the security check because the protocol clearly mentions that the luggage is safe to be boarded once the security check is over.

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