This Man Got Fired By His Manager For Leaving His Team’s WhatsApp Group!

Getting fired from one’s job is in itself a very painful pinch. Not only is it a direct attack on our self-worth and esteem, it seems cruel and definitely disastrous to the resume. However what can be crueler is when the reason for you getting fired is simply unrealistic. What is the most bizarre reason for anyone to get fired you’ve ever heard? Well, in a Reddit thread, we found an anonymous guy who has quite a ‘firing’ story. The man was fired from his job for something as little as leaving a WhatsApp group.

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We understand how technology and social media is slowly paving their ways into our professional life. While social media platforms can be a real boost to the overall performance and connectivity of the employees, when would they end up being a trap, you just never know. This is the whole story as posted by him!

I got fired for leaving my team’s whatsapp group from india

While many were more than surprised to know what happened, the guy quite a lot of responses from the fellow users. Some even think that he was fired for a completely different reason, which might not be fully expressed.


Comment from discussion I got fired for leaving my team’s whatsapp group.





Well, what do you think? Was he really fired for leaving a WhatsApp group? Do you think using social media apps at work is actually beneficial or it digging a grave for the employees? Let us know in the comments below.

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