Management Tips From John Abraham, The Only Dhoom Villain Who Would Succeed In Real Life

Guys remember the first Dhoom movie? Back when men straightening their hair was described using words like “sexy“.


It was a simpler time. When all we needed for a movie to be cool was a muscly dude on a bike. But then times changed and we needed a muscly dude trapped in a statue to hold our attention.


Then there was Dhoom 3. And the rest is silence.



But despite all the changes and all the hype surrounding the Dhoom franchise, John Abraham’s Kabir is the only Dhoom villain who had a shot at succeeding in real life. And all because of his dedication to simple principles that help motivate workers to rob better.

Principles that you, as a budding team manager should definitely know.

#1 Work With A Team

Real life thieves, like the rest of us, need a supportive work environment if they are to succeed in their professional capacity. And Kabir from Dhoom understands this perfectly. Surrounding himself with the best in the industry, he’s painstakingly built a team of great motorcyclists.


How do we know they’re great at their jobs? Mostly because they can navigate the Western Express Highway and use it to escape. Which at peak hours is not easy to do.

Even though Hrithik Roshan does technically have a partner, safe to say, she’s not the most professional. Mostly because there’s no way to be productive when someone is referring to themselves in the third person.


In case someone in your team keeps calling themselves Sunehri, feel free to report them to HR. Or shoot them to save time and resources.

#2 Make The Most Of Local Resources And Set Realistic Goals

Do you have the budget to fly your team out to Brazil? Probably not.


But that doesn’t mean you need to give up. It simply means you need to think locally and how you can best utilize your location for maximum output. Take a leaf from Kabir’s book and rob the banks in your own city. Simply keep repeating till you can amass enough money to head to another location.

Like Goa.


Knowing that his team needs ot unwind, Kabir chooses a location both easy to get to and fun to visit. Encouraging his team to commit themselves to the robbery and then split up.

#3 Do Not Bring Your Personal Problems To Work

While Bollywood is constantly accused of nepotism and biased hiring, robbery is not an industry devoid of the same. Take for example Aamir Khan’s master plans involving his brother in Dhoom 3. Or Hrithik Roshan’s personal interest in Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2.


Relying on either a reluctant relative or an overly obsessed fangirl are terrible ideas for your business enterprise.

Simply replace them with professionals and watch how much simpler it becomes to rob and plunder without having to deal with all that background drama.

#4 Invest in Realistic Technology

If you place an order for a single bike, nobody is going to think twice about it. Even five bikes are less suspicious than an Iron Man-like warehouse full of gadgets that need very very specific things to make.

Plus, by making certain that the technology you use is accessible and affordable, you will never have to put your projects on hold. A bike can easily be substituted, however, two motorbikes that can actually link to each other are difficult to find and impractical to actually use.

Also, it is helpful if your crimes do not rely on disguising yourself heavily as GST on luxury goods like make-up will eat away at your capital in no time.

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