This Man Continues Mowing His Lawn Like A Boss Completely Ignoring A Tornado Around The Corner!

What would be your normal reaction when you see a tornado approaching you? Most people would run for their life. Not this guy though.

Theunis Wessels, a Canadian citizen, was spotted mowing his lawn like a boss even with a tornado right behind him. The tornado appeared in Alberta, Canada, near their home. His wife Cecilia Wessels caught the moment on camera and shared it on Facebook and it soon became viral.

There were many debates about this image being Photoshopped, but the image is legit. Cecilia was taking a nap when she was woken up by her daughter, who was disturbed by the tornado in the sky. Her dad though, unperturbed by the storm refused to leave the mower alone.

Theunis Wessels is storm watcher thanks to TV programs and knew a  thing or two about the tornado and claimed it was farther than it appeared.  He was as he says, “Keeping an eye on it”.

The lawn mowing was on his to-do-list and it simply had to be done.
Now that is some dedication!

Here’s him mowing the lawn with no f***s to give!

tornado lawn mower guy

The image became so viral, that people turned it into a meme!

Feature Image: Cecilia Wessels

Design Credits: Harshad Gehi

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