Man Stands Up To The Police Bullying A Young Couple, Leaves The Cops Embarrassed

It’s nothing new for young couples to get harassed by cops on the name of moral policing when they meet outside. 


From meeting at parks to sitting by lakesides, young Indian couples are in constant fear because the police make it sound and look like they are doing a crime by meeting each other. This is particularly extra in rural India where male-female interaction is very limited.

The Indian Police instead of coming across as a helping body sometimes comes across as a threat and that’s exactly what happened to this young couple in Haryana.

The Police spotted the young couple outside and started harassing them. They also asked for the man’s number and address.

Watch the video here:

The couple obviously looked scared and continued to cooperate with the police until a passerby who had been noticing the proceedings, decided to intervene.

The man happened to be an advocate for Delhi High Court and left the cops baffled when he asked them what rights they had to trouble the young couple.

When the female constable stated that she’d do the same to her kids, he responded by saying that what the police is doing should be done with kids, not with young adults who are responsible to take their own decisions.

It’s about time that we acknowledge our rights and talk about them freely.

The man’s video is going viral on the internet and we’re glad that it’s for all right reasons.

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