Man Recreates His Wife’s Pregnancy Photos After Having McDonald’s For Lunch

Give a man fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man McDonald’s and he’ll replicate your pregnancy photos.


Nick Roberts and his girlfriend Brianna decided to do a photoshoot with their photographer friend Stephen Cwiok. Brianna forgot about the shoot so the two men did what men do best, eat food. The photo shoot took place at McDonald’s where Nick ate 2 McDoubles, a McChicken, a four-piece chicken nugget, two chocolate chip cookies, and a medium Dr. Pepper.

This is what Nick said:

“If I’m being completely honest, the awful cramps from the double cheeseburgers brought me so much closer to the pregnancy. Now, I’ll never know what being in labor feels like, but I feel in my heart it can’t be too far away from eating a lot of fast food. I’m truly blessed to have had this eye-opening experience.”

Have a look at the photos:

#1 Wouldn’t you want your man to do this?


#2 The love of food is unconditional


#3 That look.


#4 Beauty.


#5 Just look at those eyes.


The couple was blessed with a baby boy, Logan. How cute are they looking!


You don’t get to see something like this every day.

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