Our Man Diljit Dosanjh Takes His One-Sided Relationship With Kylie Jenner To The Next Level

India’s  sweetheart, Diljit Dosanjh, is writing his own story of unrequited love with every passing day. Had Karan Johar been active on Instagram, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil would’ve turned out very VERY differently.

Anyway, since our residential horizon doesn’t exist under a rock, Diljit Dosanjh’s feelings for Kylie Jenner have become staple for us. For the unfortunately uninitiated, here’s how Diljit Dosanjh, the star of Punjab, spends is lonely nights:

A man who clarifies his intentions is a man who commands respect. Diljit’s “Do You Know” is an obvious message to the younger Kardashian.

When your crush celebrates your invisibility in her life by being with someone else.

*Sapna toota hai to dil kabhi jalta hai*

Bhai ne sab try kar liya

When Kylie wasn’t active on Insta, Diljit left her collab propositions on other portals as well. Sure, *collab propositions*

It’s like when Ali In Dhoom first met Esha Deol and imagined his life with her.

However of late, our man DD has been busy shooting movies and recording songs. Now being the reasonable man that he is, he realizes the kind of impact his absence would have on his one-sided relationship with Kylie. So, like a mature individual, Diljit left her a totally relevant and required comment.

Like most of us, Diljit still hasn’t received her reply.

*A moment for everyone in the world waiting for their crush to text back.*

Hang in there, Big D. You’re a decent dude with a bird for voice. You’re too good for her anyway. If  she doesn’t see how amazing you are, it’s her loss. It’s okay, man. Nothing that 5 Taara can’t fix:

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