The Man Who Converted His Auto Rickshaw Into A Scorpio Gets A Four Wheeler From Mahindra’s CEO

There are two ways of getting what you want! Either you pray to God or you pray to social media! Rewind back to march and the streets of Kerela saw a vehicle on the roads that looked like an auto rickshaw from the front with the back of Mahindra’s Scorpio! The auto driver had come up with his person jugaad by replicating the design of Scorpio and seamlessly installing it along with his auto rickshaw, with a spare tyre too at the back, just like the SUV. This is how his personal 3 wheeler version of the hybrid looked:

Not only did his creativity and work of art impress the people around, it actually garnered the attention of the CEO of Mahindra, Anand Mahindra, himself. So much was the CEO impressed by the work that he wanted to gift a four wheeler to the man, not just like that, but in return to his hybrid for his museum.

And as we know, nothing is untraceable in the world of Internet, the man behind that awesome assemblage was actually located and the CEO fulfilled his promise. He tweeted about Sunil and his proud 3 wheeler Scorpio along with a picture of him and his brand new 4 Wheeler!

The CEO was happily encouraged and praised by Twitterati, thereafter,






Well, thinking big has never stayed out of the limelight!

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