What Makes Bengaluru The Most Dynamic City In The World?

If you are living in Bengaluru, this is your time to gloat. According to a recent World Economic Forum, Bengaluru was named as the most dynamic city in the world! It topped the list, running ahead of Silicon Valley, London, and Shanghai.

The rankings were made on criteria such as infrastructure, affordable housing, environment, etc. We agree, let’s take a look what makes this metropolitan one of the ideal places to live in India.

Here’s what makes Bengaluru the most dynamic city:

 You Don’t Need To Sell A Kidney For Rent and Housing

You won’t fall into poverty every time you pay your rent. One of the main issues in the country remains affordable housing. The living situation in Bengaluru is easier and cheaper than other cities, making it a super chilled placed to live in!

Good Education System

Karnataka boasts of one of the more robust education systems in India. It is home to many institutes offering courses in cutting edge vocations. What’s great is that it is an education hub even for international students.

Epic Technology

It’s no secret that Bengaluru is the IT city of India. It creates cutting edge technology and integrates into the cities DNA.

Cleaner and Greener

One of the criteria of the forum was environment and sustainability. It is cleaner and is home to the green atmosphere compared to other megacities such as Mumbai and Delhi.

Feature Image and Video: Namma Bengaluru from TEEPOI on Vimeo.

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