Main Hoon Na Is The Most Relevant Movie In The Current Era Of Hate And Bigotry

We live in a country that has been plagued with religious animosity for quite some time now. Calling each other names has become as common as breathing. While I am typing this, I can easily visualise the ‘ae fuck off sickular communist bengali’ in the comment section. Why? Because violence has become a part and parcel of the proud Indian culture now.

But let’s combat that hate now. This isn’t an essay analysing the problem without offering a solution. The solution I propose is Farah Khan’s Main Hoon Na.

You’ve seen the Snickers advertisement where people change after eating that chocolate bar, right? I believe we can do the same by having the entire country watch Main Hoon Na as a part of the nation-building process.

A Muslim director for a movie that revolves around two brothers named Ram and Lakshman.

Main Hoon Na was Farah Khan’s first directorial venture and she knocked the ball right out of the park with this one. In a country where people are quick to target celebrities for trying to tell their stories on the big screen, Farah managed to pull of the now-unthinkable feat of directing a movie with Ram and Lakshman without causing any of the jobless groups to protest against the movie.

The General Bakshi of Main Hoon Na is dedicated to serving the country and reaching out to the Pakistan authorities for peace.

He doesn’t insult Pakistani officials even when he goes on live TV at the start of the movie and sticks to his ideals of patriotism which doesn’t come at the cost of innocent lives or needless hate-mongering.

Main Hoon Na

The ex-army official baying for blood because of his personal loss has been shown as the bad guy.

While the armed forces have been deeply politicised recently, we see an ex-army official being represented as a domestic terrorist for trying to mess with internal harmony. Every time he calls for an attack on Pakistan, we seen Ram remind him of how a true army official is supposed to behave.

The protagonists are trying to bring peace to the tense Indo-Pak relationship while the antagonists want ‘revenge’.

News studios have become a shouting match between panels that represent different ideologies and most of them boil down to either ‘biskoot khao’ or ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’. Along with that, anchors turn into Amrish Puri of Gadar forcing people to repeat chants that adhere to their specific ideologies and usually ends up with painting Pakistan as the enemy state and rampant what-aboutery. Main Hoon Na showed us the way forward and they did it long back.

Two muslim actors playing Ram and Lakshman in a movie raised no eye-brows while Nawazuddin Siddiqui was denied a role from his local Ramleela.

Can’t wait for beloved Modiji to hold a press conference and letting the country know that the Aadhaar cards of anyone who hasn’t seen the Farah Khan’s debut venture will be repealed. He can do it before the Supreme Court decides to do it. It’s a win-win for all, guys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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