‘Lust Stories’ Proves How Streaming Services Can Change Bollywood As We Know It

Time and again, industry specialists have referred to streaming services as a disruptor for the film industry. All these streaming platforms have been seen as a competition to the traditional means of entertainment for far too long. With the Netflix original Lust Stories, we might see the complete switch in this approach as these platforms have become more of an alternate supporting medium for the bigger industry.

Lust Stories is a Netflix original made up of four stories directed by Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar. The four stalwarts of contemporary Bollywood joined forces post Bombay Talkies to deliver one of the most solid bit of cinema in 2018.

Lust Stories is edgy, eccentric and unabashedly open about its approach to sexuality. You’ll see actors like Radhika Apte trying to find sexual satisfaction outside marriage and Bhumi Pednekar having sex on screen.

On the big screen, you’d see random jobless thugs try and protect Indian culture if this were a mainstream movie. Since this was Netflix and the unemployed can’t afford a subscription, the ruckus around Lust Stories is yet to happen.

Recently, we saw a number of grandmothers visiting the theatres all across the country to watch Veere di Wedding. In the movie, Swara decides to pleasure herself since she wasn’t at the best terms with her husband.

The scene caused a huge uproar as hundreds of accounts expressed their disgust on this harmless practice. Lust Stories has a similar scene (which is a personal favourite for me in 2018) and manages to be praised from all corners.

Lust Stories

We see how filmmakers can express themselves freely without drawing any ire from any section of the society. It’s only a matter of time before this trickles down to the larger medium.

Netflix is providing a great base for independent filmmakers with stories that wouldn’t cut it in front of an audience. We’re seeing largely unknown gems like Ajji and Ankhon Dekhi finally getting an audience without having to indulge in the hassle of distributors and getting screens.

The streaming services have now become the perfect ally for the film industry now with a wider variety of content now gracing our screen. We’re truly seeing the rise of the famed ‘content is king’ mentality and we can only hope that this will soon be the case with the silver screen.

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