Is It Possible For You To Love Someone And Still Break Up With Them?

To the person I love,

How many times will I give you a chance? I don’t understand why I am allowing you to be a part of my life. What is it about you that makes it so difficult for me to let you go? All of my friends are asking me the same question that I am unable to answer. How can I? I don’t have the answer myself.

I was better than just hoping to get a text from you. I miss the confident person that I was, feeling ashamed of being that needy and clingy.

Who knew that a person has that much strength to change someone so drastically? But sadly, it’s time that I let you go from my life.

Honestly, I can’t blame you either. It’s not that we don’t talk or chat, it’s just that I am more than the virtual bot. I like simple but real things.

Love me? Show it to me via actions. Calling me only when you are free, not picking up the phone otherwise makes me feel that I am just another option.

I have been telling myself, perhaps, more like consoling each time this happens.

The society has sadly moved from the ‘WE’ to quintessential, “I”. You have adjusted your attention to the work and the distance between has become so wide that even messages know it has been random. Somewhere, where loneliness strikes and a ping chimes, hoping that a conversation would stir but all I see is a stranger trying to have an awkward conversation.

Tell me how will you work this out when I am nowhere in your priority? There are questions that I ask myself daily, ‘Why I am doing this to myself? “, “Is it really worth it?”.

At times, the love wins over and I hope that a conversation would miraculously save the relationship. But who am I kidding?

If the basis of the relationship is based on miracles and hopes then I might as well not be in one. All I wanted was your attention and your time.

I want to go out and be with you. Have an endless conversation in person. Is this too much to ask? Perhaps not and that’s why even though I love you, I will have to let you go.

Your Girl

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