There’s A Temple In Sri Lanka That People Claim Lord Hanuman Visits Every 41 Years

Would you believe us if we told you Lord Hanuman visits the planet in every 41 years? Not only visit, he also talks to people and imparts his supreme knowledge to their new generation. 

If the legend is to be believed, Lord Hanuman visits Setuu Hanuman Bodhi temple located in the jungles of Piduru mountain, Sri Lanka. Most of the tribals in Sri Lanka are said to be Vibhishana’s descendants but this one particular tribe called ‘Mathangs’ is related to Lord Hanuman.


People of this tribe claim that Lord Hanuman is immortal and visits them every 41 years. The people of this tribe consider Hanuman as their Guru who has supreme knowledge that shows them the right path. The Mathangs also maintain a ‘logbook’ where they record all the words spoken and ‘leelas’ performed by Lord Hanuman.


A Sri Lankan organization called Setuu is studying this ‘logbook’ and also conduct programmes for Hanuman devotees who can do ‘Sadhna‘ under the guidance of Setuu masters. Devotees who qualify all the criteria will be eligible for Hanuman’s ‘sakshaat darshan‘.

It is not easy to visit this place and meet Lord Hanuman in person. The Setuu has certain conditions that need to be kept in mind which includes devoting one complete year in the service of Lord Hanuman. During this one year, the devotee cannot have any contact with the outside world and his soul should be deeply connected to Lord Hanuman.

In order to get selected for the ‘Saadhna‘ one needs to answer the questioned asked by the Setuu related to Lord Hanuman. If the person is found spiritually correct, he is allowed to visit the place and meet Lord Hanuman. The place also has a footprint of Lord Hanuman.


The place where devotees perform ‘Charan Pooja‘ and ‘Sakshat Hanuman Pooja‘ is called ‘HanuMandal’. It is a circle made with wheat flour on which special oil lamps are lit. Apart from the Mathangs, Setuu Masters or the devotees who have successfully completed one year of complete devotion to Hanuman can enter this place. This circle is usually made either in a cave or in dense forest and Lord Hanuman appears only on the circle.

This picture was taken by a devotee who happened to have been selected by the Setuu and was one of the 15 people who had the chance of attending the ‘Sakshat Hanuman Pooja’.


The devotee believes that the picture is blurred because it is impossible to capture Lord Hanuman on a camera. You can read his entire experience here.

Hindu mythology is full of fascinating stories about Gods and Goddesses. While the purpose of this article is not to highlight the rift between the believers and atheists, it’s to bring about stories from our mythology that we haven’t heard of before.

Do you happen to know more mythological stories? Have you experienced a close encounter with God? Share them with us in the comment section!

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