8 Train Rides Across The Globe Longer Than Your Daily Commute To Work

Honestly, according to me, the longest train ride in the world is my daily commute from Vasai to Mumbai city. But obviously, it’s not. So if you’re someone who really loves the rhythm of the railways, and are actually interested in knowing about the world’s longest train rides, here’s a list.

1. The Trans-Siberian Express: Moscow to Vladivostok

Distance: 9,258 km
Duration: Seven days

Undoubtedly the world’s greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs like a steel ribbon across Russia over the Urals, across the magnificent and endless steppe and along the shore of the world’s largest freshwater lake.

2. The Canadian: Toronto to Vancouver

Distance: 4,466 km
Duration: Four days

This journey is a throwback to simpler times, a time for self and soul spent rumbling through the never-ending forests, prairie lands and mountains.

3. The Indian Pacific: Sydney to Perth

Distance: 4,352 km
Duration: Three nights, four days

This journey that takes you across the breadth of Australia is defined by contrast, encompassing everything from the majestic Blue Mountains to the barren expanse of the Nullabor. When you alight, you’ll be far richer for the experience.

4. The Vivek Express: Kanyakumari to Dibrugarh

Distance: 4243.84 km
Duration: Five days, four nights

The relentless churn of steel and wood against the backdrop of green fields and dusty plateaus under the Indian sun is an experience that’s beautiful and overwhelming at the same time.

5. The California Zephyr: Chicago to Emeryville (San Francisco)

Distance: 3,924 km
Duration: 51 hours, 20 minutes

Coursing across the plains of Nebraska through the heart of the Rockies and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, the Zephyr is one of the most beautiful train trips in all of North America.

6. The Beijing Guangzhou Bullet Train

Distance: 2,298 km
Duration: 8 hours

The train connects Beijing West Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station, making its way through 28 cities in China.

7. The Eastern and Oriental Express: Bangkok to Singapore

Distance: 2180.66 km
Duration: Three days/two nights or four days/ three nights

The classic route for this train was inspired by 1932 film Shanghai Express, starring Marlene Dietrich. In case you were wondering, it does make stops at the Bridge on the River Kwai and Penang (the jewel of the Orient).

8. The Blue Train: Pretoria to Cape Town

Distance: 1,600 km
Duration: 27 hours

The Blue Train traverses South Africa and its breath-taking scenery in a manner that befits royalty. It’s a five-star “hotel-on-wheels” and is the most luxurious train ride in the world.

Hop aboard one of these for the journey of a lifetime!

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