Loev, A Movie About Three Men, Is Easily The Best Thing You Didn’t Watch In 2017

To stay relevant in the industry and to stay in the good books of ‘critics’, filmmakers now market the activism aspect of a movie instead of talking about the content. At a time like this, Loev comes as an original piece of art that doesn’t seem preachy but still manages to entertain you.

Loev, which had its world premiere at Estonia’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in November 2015, was selected at Austin’s prestigious South By Southwest Film (SXSW) Festival in 2016. It was screened during the prestigious MAMI film festival last year but it never managed to get a full theatrical release.


Loev tells the story of two friends with a complicated past: Wall Street dealmaker Jai, and Mumbai-based music producer Sahil. If you look at the plot on paper, it looks like a run-of-the-mill romantic drama. Sudhanshu Saria makes a huge difference here with some phenomenal direction in his debut film.


Loev boils down to stellar performances and a brilliant visual narrative that weaves the perfect tale of insecurities and the class structure which keeps a sense of false honour in the foreground where as romance gets hidden under the layers of social stigma.

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with movies revolving around sexuality is the way the directors decide to handle the subject matter. Homosexuality is reduced to a marketing gimmick while the content takes the backseat.

The lack of honesty bothers me. In this regard, Loev seems like a sincere effort that looks forward to starting a nuanced debate on relationships. The fact that it’s a gay couple is just the setting for the same.


It’s about the emotion where the gender of the characters becomes irrelevant as the three individuals find themselves in the middle of an emotional roller-coaster. The genders of its protagonists, their sexual orientation and station in life are secondary to the primal intensity that drives it. Not once was I reminded that the movie advocates for LGBT rights as it felt like every other love story.

By the time the sexuality of the protagonists is manifested physically, the viewer is too absorbed in their humanity and the essence of their journeys to ever care about this movie being ‘different’ in its approach. This is easily one of the best movies that was available to the audiences in 2017.

If you haven’t gotten around to watching it, make sure you watch it ASAP.

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