A Completely Illogical List Of People Who Could Be The Next Wolverine

Things you need to read this article:  Open mindset. If you don’t have it, do not proceed.ABORT!

It is a pretty well-known fact that Hugh Jackman won’t be playing Wolverine ever again. He carried the character on his shoulders for nearly two decades. He established the world of X-men and Wolverine with his stellar acting so well, and we can’t think of anyone else playing the role!
The only way Wolverine can be replaced is re-imagining the character as a whole. What if we do not limit the right candidate to race, physical characteristics (or other superhero franchises they are associated with) and choose the actors based on their acting skills and dark moody vibe?

Well, then you get an illogical list like this! Read on to know who else could play the beloved character.

1. Eric Bana

Alright, he was The Hulk first, but he proves that he can play angry young superhero quite well.

eric bana wolverine

2.Colin Farrell

This Irish gentleman embodies the spirit of Wolverine quite effortlessly. From the dark broody look to similar physical built, Colin would be great as the mutant.

colin farrell wolverine

3.Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper proved he can play any character with Silver Linings Playbooks and American Sniper. Blonder version of Wolverine would be a nice change, don’t you think?

bradley cooper wolverine

4.Ryan Gosling

Because why not?!

ryan gosling wolverine

5.Idris Elba

If there is any actor who can play the broody and angry like a pro it is Idris Elba. The English actor donned the role of Heimdall in Avengers and Thor. Doesn’t he personify the Wolverine vibe completely?

Idris elba wolverine

6. Kit Harington

The Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow is well-versed with being part of a superhit fantasy series, and blood and gore. Kit Harington with this intense acting chops and rugged looks is fit to play Wolverine. Marvel are you listening?!

Jon Snow Kit Harington

7. Anil Kapoor

Cause hair. Nuff said.

 Anil Kapoor wolverine
8.Morgan Freeman

Because he is god and god can play anyone. Imagine his soothing voiceover during important scenes. If you haven’t  heard this voice, you’ve not done anything great in your life. Just kidding. Or not.

 9. KRK


Just kidding. The list is not that illogical!!

Honorable mentions: Tom Hardy, Meryl Streep.

Graphic Credit: Harshad Gehi

Who do you think would make the next cool Wolverine?

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