According To The Hindu Mythology, Here’s Why Lord Brahma Has 4 Heads

Hinduism. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Also, whatever we mention here is more about the culture and mythos surrounding Hinduism, and not necessarily about Hinduism as a religion. Cool?



So we’re all familiar with Lord Brahma, right? Eternal, powerful and wise. He seems like a great guy. He’s called the creator, so he has to be pretty imaginative yes?

Turns out, a little too imaginative.

So back when Brahma was creating things like time, he also made two separate beings named Shatrupa and Swayambhu Manu. Manu is where humans come from and so were lazily named “manusya“. But Shatrupa, the female entity was a whole other ball game.

She had a hundred beauteous forms. In fact, she was so beautiful, that Brahma was smitten with her.

There can be multiple interpretations of what exactly this infatuation was. Whether he genuinely admired her for her beauty and piety, or whether it was a little more stalker-y in nature is left to interpretation. But this much is clear, that Shatrupa did not appreciate it.


Also, we must note, that at this point Brahma has one head and a very, very inflexible neck.

So Shatrupa being uncomfortable with all this attention ran in all possible directions, but Brahma being the all-powerful creator and all, just grew a new head each time. Shatrupa even tried to be all clever and leapt over his head, hoping to confuse the man, but Brahma just grew another head. On top of his head.


So, now that a woman had ascended to the heavens to avoid him, Shiva decided to intervene and told Brahma off. Because he considered Shatrupa Brahma’s daughter and therefore all the attention Brahma was paying to her was kind of wrong.

And then, to punish Brahma, he cut off his fifth head, the one on top, so that Shatrupa could finally escape him.


So what exactly did we learn? First off when a woman is trying to avoid you, you should probably stop in case an angry celestial deity is watching.

Secondly, this is one version of millions. There are many other explanations and interpretations of the same story that aren’t all necessarily the same. But as a story, it’s interesting to read nonetheless.

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