In His Latest Interview, Hardik Pandya Reveals A Side Of Him We Haven’t Seen Before

We have watched him play and he is our favourite. Hardik Pandya is young but his energy can surprise everyone. While he is really aggressive and focused on the field, he has a different personality when you meet him personally. In his interview with Gaurav Kapoor on Breakfast with Champions, he showed us the side of him that we haven’t seen before. The way he talked about his passion, his dream and being candid about his personal life, we realized how much his struggle made him the person he is today!

 The time when Gaurav Kapoor made fun of Hardik’s haircut and he took it sportingly

The interview started with Gaurav Kapoor telling him that he has become busier. The reason being his new haircut. Yup! In a very casual form of an interview, Gaurav made a fun of his haircut by saying that it’s only halfway done because he had to rush somewhere else. Hardik took it sportingly and explained that when he asked Shikar to trim it a bit and he removed it all.

The time when he talked about his recent century against Sri Lanka (Test Series)

He said,

“I was not able to sleep till 3 am before the match. My anxiety level was on a different level because I remember the last time I got out to the same bowler. Usually, when I get out, I don’t think much but when I get out in a certain way, I think a lot. The only thing that I said (after getting out) that this won’t happen again.”

The time he talked about his first match as a debutant

He remembered the first time he played the international match. It was against Australia. He said,

“During the net session, I was playing really well and I was really aggressive but when I played my first over and gave 21 runs, I thought my career is done. It was a nightmare. But Mahi bhai being a legend told me to bowl the next over. But in 1.1 over, I had given 28 runs. But after two more overs, I gave 37 runs in total and took two wickets. In the press conference, Mahi said that he (Dhoni) knew that I would bowl well after the first over.”

When he talked about his Idols

When asked about his Idols, he said,

“I am really following Mahi and Virat because of the way they are and not what they have achieved. But the way they are after achieving them. I want to be like them. Being disciplined, being nice to people. So now, I observe them and try to understand what they do and what it takes to be there. They are better because their mind is stronger. It’s on their right track.”

The time he talked about his struggle

He had a very hard period before he got in IPL. He said, “No one knew that for 3 years we struggled for every penny. Even saving Rs. 5/10 was a big trouble for us. When we won Ranji Championship trophy, we got Rs. 70,000 each. That’s the time we thought that we can pay off our car EMIs (we hadn’t paid the EMIs for 2 years) and have food on our table. But after the IPL, we won (Mumbai Indians) and since then there has been no stopping.”

In the end, he said that education is important. No matter what. There was a time when he used to get Rs. 350 for playing in villages. But the only thing that kept him going was his dream. He said, ‘You can either keep on cribbing about it or you can work hard and see what happens.  Isn’t he the nicest?

Catch the interview here –

It was great to see a side of Hardik Pandya that we hadn’t seen before.

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