These Last Photographs Of The 10 Biggest Rock Stars Will Break Your Heart Of Stone

Rock stars are known for their extravagant lifestyles. And sometimes these lifestyles end up being their doom. These rock stars have left brilliant legacies behind. But their untimely demise makes these last photographs of them hard to see.

#1. Freddy Mercury

freddy mercury

Frontman of the rock band Queen, Freddy Mercury, was a revolutionary musician. He could belt out any tune out effortlessly. He was so dedicated to his art that he finished recording ‘The Show Must Go On’ even as he was dying from complications of HIV/AIDs.


#2. David Bowie

david bowie

This glam rock star broke a ton of hearts when he passed away in 2016. He met an untimely death after releasing his final album Blackstar. He was diagnosed with liver cancer, a fact he had not yet made public until his death.

#3. John Lennon

8th December 1980 will always be remembered as a sad day in music history, it was the day when gunman Mark Chapman shot Lennon at close range. The last picture of him was ironically this one, signing an autograph for the killer. Mark Chapman was sentenced for life and never allowed parole.


#4. Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse

Yes, she joined the 27 club. Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning on 23rd July 2011, leaving a void in the soul music scene. This was the photo taken two days before her death.


#5. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison’s death has to be the most mysterious of all. He too died at 27, but the cause of his death is still unknown.


#6. Kurt Cobain

Yes, everyone knows Kurt Cobain shot himself and yes there are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding his death. This image could be the last one ever captured before he committed suicide in March of 1994.


#7. Jeff Buckley

Unlike other rock stars who died of substance abuse, Jeff Buckley died of accidental drowning at Wolf River Harbor on May 29, 1997, at the age of 30. His only studio album Grace is still revered by alt-rock and soul fans.


#8. Elvis Presley

Elvis was a frequent drug abuser, but his medical complications in the mix made it a deathly combination. He was already suffering from high blood pressure, liver damage and the drug abuse amplified his condition. He was found unresponsive on his bathroom floor.


#9. Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix’s cause of death was highly controversial. The reports suggested that he died of asphyxia (he chocked on his vomit) when he was intoxicated with barbiturates. He left an epic legacy that aspiring musicians today yet hope to emulate.

His girlfriend, Monika Danneman, snapped this last photograph in their backyard just a day before his death.


#10. Prince


Known for glamorous performances and impeccable vocals, Prince was a one-of-a-kind musician of his generation. He, unfortunately, fell to his demise due to an accidental fentanyl overdose. His last image was caught on CCTV and it was disturbing to see him gaunt and weak.


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