Dude Climbs The Roof Of A Lamborghini Avantador. Gets Knocked Out Cold By Its Owner

You do not mess with expensive shit. We repeat you do not mess with anything valuable.


Humans have a bad tendency to mess with other people’s belongings. Don’t even get us started on the hearts. Some people think it’s their birthright to mess with everything that is important to another person. This kid actually messed with some guy’s Lamborghini Aventador. Only if karma worked like this everytime, we would be happier.

Lamborghini Aventador might be one of the fastest cars in the world but this time karma was faster. It is genuinely very satisfying to see this. This dude actually thought it was a nice idea to stomp all over the  Rs 5 crore car in San Francisco.

The video starts with a dude stomping over a red Lamborghini Aventador and the owner runs behind him. The fool has the audacity to do it again and boy, the owner slams him on the ground and knocks him out.

“You’re lucky I don’t f***ing kill you right now!”


We know that there have been instances when these videos have been fake. But the reactions of the onlookers does seem real. The kid also makes a few lame excuses to justify what he did. The owner walks away but the kid continues to say something and adds fuel to the fire. The owner drives away a few minutes later.

You can watch the video here:

Bro, you don’t mess with anyone’s car.

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