WWE Legend Appeared In An Episode Of Baal Veer And We Don’t Know How To Process It


Every 90s kid fondly remembers the simpler times of our childhood when good television wasn’t about profiling psychopaths or looking at a woman who calls herself the mother of dragons. It was all about looking at larger than life characters battle it out in a ring.

One of the biggest WWE stars of our generation is a man who has also won an Olympic gold medal in wrestling; the man who could ankle lock his way out of any challenge; the man, the myth and the legend – Kurt Angle.

I’m pretty you remember this guy.

Source: TJR Wrestling

Here’s his ABSOLUTELY AMAZING enterance video.

Well, Kurt Angle was a part of TNA for many years after he quit WWE.

And to promote this new brand of wrestling, TNA, in India, Kurt was a part of a show called Baal Veer.

As the name suggests, this show is about a brave young boy with superhuman powers. I’m pretty sure that you’re here for Kurt so let’s not bore you with anymore of the Baal Veer thing.

Here’s the fantastic video:

Here is the highlight reel:

If you’re feeling lucky (punk!), you can watch the entire episode here.

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