Mahesh Babu Fans Are Hijacking Tom Cruise’s FB Post To Show Who’s The Real Action Star

It was a wonderful day in office as I was browsing through my Facebook to look at numerous memes and dreams. Then I came across a picture on Tom Cruise’s Facebook page.

Here’s the image:

I clicked on the image to see if people were talking trash about the new Mission Impossible movie. And then it happened.

A bunch of Indians have been raiding the comments section and letting these firangis know that the real boss is Mahesh Babu, and not Tom Cruise.






Mahesh Babu, Tom Cruise



And this isn’t an isolated incident.

Someone tried to reason with these guys.

It was something so bizarre that it reminded me of the time when I first saw people eat mayonnaise with Biryani. It makes no sense but it makes you curious enough to get to the bottom of this.

So I played Sherlock’s theme song on YouTube, put on my headphones and did some digging.

Mahesh Babu (born Mahesh Ghattamaneni) is an Indian film actor known for his work in Telugu cinema. Don’t you dare say you’re unaware about who he is. His fans are going to send his entire filmography to you because of this.


Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr. also known as Jr. NTR has a fanbase second to none when it comes to passion. Maybe it’s the cultural diversity of the country that’s responsible for this, but I still can’t seem to get a hang of this special banter that goes on between these fandoms.


These all are NTR fans trying to poke fun at Mahesh Babu’s fandom. Why was Tom Cruise involved? No clue. Was this necessary? No idea. What did I achieve by going undercover? Absolutely nothing. But paapi paet ka sawaal hai.

I really don’t get paid enough to do this. Comment below and let my editor know that I deserve a raise for this piece of investigative journalism. Thanks!

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