KRK Wants Kohli To Be Banned For A Lifetime Because He’s A 2 Rs Person

We all know that KRK is one of the most unbearable people alive. He is not just an uncouth India who has insulted great personalities before, he is also very bad at analysis – be it movies or sports.

He went on a scathing rant against Team India and it has made our blood boil.

Responding to India’s performance and Kohli’s early return to pavilion, self-declared critic and star of not-so-amazing movies like Deshdrohi went off on a rant on Twitter. He made some ridiculous tweets about Kohli.

Take a look at it:

Let’s not bring shame to the real cricket fans who are not as uncouth as Kamaal Rashid Khan.

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Supriyo Mukherjee

If you can dream it, Supriyo can definitely meme it.

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