Kohli Does The Unthinkable, Takes One-Day Cricket To Another Level After Today’s Century

Over the last decade, millions of articles and other web-pieces related to Virat Kohli have been posted on the internet. The frequency of these published posts however refuses to slow down.

Whether it’s India’s victory or defeat, Virat Kohli always manages to be in the center of it. Sometimes even when he’s not in the game.

After swimming through a sea of “BUT INDIA DOESN’T WIN OVERSEAS” criticism all around, the Indian team looks well aware of the stakes around India’s first overseas tour in years, in South Africa.

Having defeated South Africa in the first two matches of the 6-match ODI series, Kohli continued his winning and century streak in the 3rd ODI as well.

The Pride of Paschim Vihar scored his 34th ODI century while playing his 197th innings in the format. The unofficial Lord of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar took 298 innings to reach the feat.

As you may well imagine, tiny fragments of the talent measuring scales are scattered all over the place after having been smashed by Virat Kohli. This is a level of performance that goes beyond description and discussion. Imagine how unbelievably great Sachin was in Sharjah in the 90s. Now imagine someone being better than THAT. Comparison’s not as much the purpose of this analogy as it is to say there’s something about Virat Kohli that we fail to comprehend.

Now that the criticism around Kohli has taken its deserved place in the boot of the car, let’s show you what the final score of India’s innings was:

India: 303/6 (50)

Virat Kohli: 160 (159) 12 Fours, 3 Sixes.

Shikhar Dhawan: 76 (63)

That’s really not all. You can’t talk about Kohli (or anyone really) without talking about Indian Twitter’s reaction to him. Let the world keep this as a record of the unrelenting humor of Indian Twitter.

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Yash Kasotia

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