14 Pictures That Prove Kids Are A Perfect Blend Of Serious Trouble And Fun!

Kids are definitely one of the most beautiful creations of God and even though they can cause serious mess sometimes, they are an absolute bundle of joy. They might paint our walls and eat things off the floor but we can’t seem to stop loving them! 


Well, we all learn from our mistakes and little kids are no exception to this. For every mischief they make, they end up learning a life lesson and well, also give us adorable moments to smile!

Here are 14 pictures of kids that’ll convince you that these little angels are a perfect combination of mischief and cuteness! 

1) How else were you going to differentiate?

baby pic 1Source

2) You can paint everywhere but not on the wall, okay?


3) Be prepared for the storm that’ll arrive after the nap time is over!


4) You’ve gotta go, my mother is here!


5) Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge!


6) Daag acche hain!


7) When the baby’s favorite colour is blue!


8) Oh, that’s a lot like me after a bottle of Nutella!


9) The kids have their own makeup tutorials!


10) Do not leave your important documents around kids. I repeat, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS AROUND KIDS!


11) Ah, what are best friends for!


12) I feel sorry for the cat here!


13) No, that’s not how you pillow fight!


14) Nope, that’s not your mom, little boy.


AWWWW. Aren’t these little babies just the cutest?

Do you have pictures of little ones doing things that are downright cute? Share them with us in the comment section!

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