Khalsa Aid Volunteers Restore Our Faith In Humanity By Helping The Rohingya Muslim Refugees

With so much hatred around and people killing each other in the name of religion, the Khalsa aid volunteers show a completely different side of the society. Lakhs of Rohingya Muslims are fleeing from Myanmar towards Bangladesh and are facing the wrath of this migration. They are stranded with no food, water and shelter and have absolutely no place to go.  

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A team of volunteers of the Khalsa Aid have reached the border to help these refugees and the kind of effort that is being put makes us want to believe in humanity again. The volunteers were prepared to help about 50,000 people but there are more than 3 lakh refugees. This did not make the volunteers lose hope and they’re constantly making sure that no one goes to sleep hungry. While speaking to Indian Express, Amarpeet Singh, Managing Director of Khalsa Aid said that the condition at the border was “miserable to say the least”.


He also expressed his concern over the ever increasing number of refugees leading to great difficulty in managing resources like food and water. The team is currently in Teknaf which is a border town in Bangladesh and cover a distance of 10 hours to reach Dhaka in order to arrange the material required to prepare Langar (community kitchen). 


The team members also informed how the condition of the camps in Teknaf is miserable and the way they are crowded beyond capacity. A camp that is ideally made to accommodate 50,000 people has about 1 lakh refugees and does not have adequate food and water. The rains are making in even worse and the children are out on the road begging. People are trying to find shelter in whatever corner they get and are living without basic needs.


As per the UN, 2.70 lakh Rohingya Muslims have already fled to Bangladesh and even more are trapped at the border.

The Khalsa aid team is going to make sure that the Langar services do come to a halt at any cost and the refugees at least do not go sleep without food. They are also trying to get more volunteers to the location in order to provide aid to the ever increasing number of refugees. 

What do you think about this wonderful initiative by the Khalsa Aid team? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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