Kenny Sebastian Hilariously Decodes Why North Indians Can Talk To Anybody In This Video

Bengaluru lad, Kenny Sebastian never fails to entertain his audience and this time his concept of North Indians being over-friendly is exactly what you need to get rid of your Monday blues!

The art-school graduate found his true calling in stand up comedy and ever since then, there has been no looking back for Kenny. He has performed in over 500 shows in the last five years and is definitely one of the finest comedians that we have.

Kenny sebastian
Yeh kitna funny hai :’)

Kenny’s observation of stereotypes and culture is what inspired him to speak about North Indians and South Indians. These two communities, despite belonging to the same country, hold an extremely different approach towards life and Kenny decodes them in this video in the funniest way possible.

Watch Kenny hilariously narrate his trip to Amritsar and how North Indians do not face any hesitation before starting a conversation!

Isn’t he just the best?

Do you feel the same for North Indians? Fellow-North Indians, do you think this is how the South sees us!

Shower your love for Kenny in the comment section!

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