This Is How Karni Sena Has Been Making India Proud In International Media

Karni Sena has been the center of a lot of political chaos in the country recently. Their over-enthusiastic protests of Padmaavat has already caused a huge uproar now that they’ve decided to vent their frustrations on school kids because apparently, that’s how bravery works now.

Every elected government has distanced itself from these protests but none of them have outright condemned it. This has emboldened these ‘fringe’ elements. When the Indian media was busy covering Modi’s trip, here’s what international media was focusing on.

This is how Karni Sena has made us proud.

#1 Daily Mail UK

#2 Reuters

#3 BBC

#4 Reuters

#5 The Washington Post

#6 The Washington Post

Karni Sena

We hope the members of Karni Sena are ashamed of themselves. These fringe elements are now giving India a bad name.

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