AIB’s New Video Stars Kangana Ranaut And There’s No Prizes For Guessing What It’s About

AIB has reached a level of significance that we do a write-up each time they release a video. Each one is hilarious, unique and insightful. Their latest with Kangana Ranaut is no exception.

Kangana Ranaut

The video features a young Bollywood actress played by Kangana who’s got more than a few problems with the script she’s been given. For example, she plays a physicist from Poland who can only talk about her boyfriend. When she objects to shooting a pointless item number, she’s informed that it’s only by titillating the audience that the movie can be declared a hit.

The video parodies the song Chittiya kalaiya and does it brilliantly.

Kangana Ranaut

Check out the video “The Bollywood Diva Song” here –

So, granted all the press surrounding Kangana Ranaut is conveniently before the release of her latest venture Simran. But you have to give it to the tenacious actress for remaining vocal throughout her career, even though the internet media has turned her into their darling just recently.

She’s been through it all and is reaping the rewards for her success unapologetically. Because in the video even though the script being written on a piece of toilet paper and lyrics like “Yes, we have vagina re, kuch bolu to diva bulaiya na re” is satire, it hits a little close to home.

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