This Video Shows Kamlesh As A School Kid But The Internet Is Divided

Kamlesh has turned his life around after the meme turned viral.


We’re pretty sure you know who Kamlesh is.

The video of Kamlesh is actually of a documentary named Nashebaaz – The Dying People of Delhi. Its trailer was released on social media in May it became viral for wrong reasons.

In the video, Kamlesh, talks about his life after he ran away from home and had found himself addicted to ‘solution’, that is, inhalants like whitener.

A few weeks ago, this viral sensation had made his way on to our Newsfeed as a meme. Some people were laughing at the kid, some were laughing with him and some were quick to point out that laughing at the misfortune of this kid was not cool.

Now that most of the memes have died out, a new video has surfaced where one can see Kamlesh wearing a school uniform. He looks tidy and has a huge smile on his face.

He talks about having joined a school and studying in sixth standard.

Here’s the video:

While most of us have our doubts about the kid in the video being Kamlesh, there are some who believe otherwise.

There are 70,000 addicts on the streets of Delhi, according to a study and 34.7% of minor addicts are sniffing inhalants like whiteners and glues because they are cheaper, reveals a study conducted by the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre and AIIMS. They start at an age as early as nine. We can make a difference to their lives as well.

The director of the documentary where Kamlesh was featured has spoken to Daily Social. He said, “I shot the documentary 6 years ago. Kamlesh is now 18-years-old.”

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