This New Short Film Called Kajal Is The Best Thing You Can Watch On YouTube Right Now

Short-films have become a norm in the ever expanding Hindi film industry. Providing a larger audience base and a decent amount of exposure to reiterate the belief in ‘content is king’, we’re seeing a huge surge in quality short films making their way into our YouTube feeds. One such short film is Kajal.


Time and again we’re told by critics and fans alike about the need for a more nuanced approach to filmmaking in an era where a most about social dynamics launches star kids. Kajal shows us the way to create a perfect harmony between acting, background score and phenomenal direction.

The short film starts with the titular character seemingly under stress because of the presence of her husband. With minimal dialogue, you can sense the fear and patriarchy oozing out of every frame. Soon, Kajal finds a device that empowers her. She puts on clothes that make her feel in control of her sexuality, body and mind.

The scene where she lights up a cigarette forms the perfect end to what seemed like a shaky start. With every passing day, Kajal seems to be more in control of the power dynamics that had earlier put her at an unfavourable position.

In a lot of movies, having a similar milieu or plot would feel gimmicky because of average support staff. But in Kajal, background score becomes a part of the immersive experience. It makes you a part of that room where you can feel Kajal getting intimidated by the sheer presence of her husband.

Salony Luthra doesn’t talk much in this 20 minute long short film. Most of her emotions are communicated through her thoroughly expressive eyes. With her stellar performance in Kajal, Salony has me excited for her future appearances in the industry.

You can watch the short film here:

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