People On Twitter Were Bursting Out With Laughter Instead Of Bursting Crackers On Diwali!

In case, you’ve had to wake up and come to work, this might be the dose of laughter you need.


This was probably the most silent Diwali ever, well it was supposed to be, at least for Delhi. Which obviously gave us so many reasons to laugh. The janta on Twitter was too jobless and decided to dedicate their day for amusing and creative jokes. We love Twitterati even more now. Here are some of the gem of tweets from last night:

#1 Who are these people and where do they come from?

#2 Jaan gayi, jahan gaya, so jao?

#3 Without this, Diwali is incomplete.

#4 Arrey arrey.

#5 Well, they weren’t.

#6 This man.

#7 Legends we tell you!

#8 All good things come to an end, we guess.

#9 This actually might have happened.

#10 This amazing video.

#11 Delhi, you’re adorable.

#12 Baat mein dum hai.

How did your Diwali go?

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