Disabled, Severely Ill Kids Turn Superheroes In This Heartwarming Justice League Photoshoot!

Superheros are globally recognized symbols of power and tenacity and courage. For kids, they’re often an inspiration and a reflection of their own strength. And that’s precisely why photographer Josh Rossi chose to feature kids with disabilities or illnesses in his photoshoot titled the REAL Justice League.

The idea was simple – to showcase their inner strength in a way that would bring a smile to their faces as well as inspire others struggling with similar issues. He wanted to flip the script and turn their so-called weakness into a strength. He wanted to give these kids the chance to be the superheroes they truly are – in costume.

Rossi’s wife Roxana produced the shoot and spent weeks searching for kids whose stories matched those of the Justice League heroes. With the help of costume designer Julie Whiteley, the kids were transformed into The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Batman, and Cyborg.

It was definitely worth every bit of effort because the results are simply moving.

See for yourself!

1. Kayden Kinckle/Cyborg

Learning to walk with prosthetic legs, 5-year-old Kayden is as tough as they come. Born with Omphalocele, he’s been a double amputee for most of his life. He’s just like Cyborg, whose his father kept him alive with robotic parts after his horrible accident.


2. Sofie Loftus/ Wonder Woman

Sofie suffers from a rare form of cancer called Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma. Despite being weak from the exhausting treatments,  she posed for the photoshoot with fierceness. Sofie is a real fighter and is the perfect Wonder Woman!


3, Teagan Pettit/ Superman

Teagan is a strong 9-year-old who LOVES Superman, possibly because they are so similar. He and Superman have one weak point, their heart. Teagan was born with only half a heart and has had 3 open heart surgeries and several more to keep him alive.


4. Mataese Manuma/ Aquaman

2-year-old Mataese Manuma has Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia, but that doesn’t stop him from being a powerhouse! Mataese, just like Aquaman from the movie is of Polynesian descent and so he’s a perfect fit for the God of the water.


5. Zaiden Stolrow/ The Flash

7-year-old Zaiden has severe ADHD. He loves to run and has endless energy which made him unpopular at school, even with his friends, who stopped inviting him over. But Zaiden is absolutely perfect as the scarlet speedster.


6. Simon Fullmer/Batman

5-year-old Simon Fullmer suffers from a nerve cancer called Neuroblastoma, but he’s a quirky, strong kid who never complains. He absolutely loves Batman and also Bruce Wayne, “because he is rich.”
Simon has dealt with his challenges like a true super hero which makes him perfect for the character of Batman!


Together they form The REAL Justice League!

Justice League Fi

I’m still wiping off the tears falling down as I write this. This is just so…beautiful.

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