Juhi Chaturvedi, The Writer Behind Shoojit Sircar’s Fantastic ‘October’, Deserves Your Attention

In an industry obsessed with ‘stars’, Juhi has already made a niche for herself.

October starts with a shot of the Delhi Metro on a winter morning. The camera then cuts to the beautiful ‘Shiuli’ flowers and the dew that shines on top of the lush grass outside Radisson Blue. While this might seem ordinary to a lot of people, these shots stuck with me long after I had walked out of the theatre.

Shoojit Sircar’s way of representing time through flowers is one of the best things I’ve seen in Bollywood recently. And it happened quite often through the movie.

You might have already read a number of articles about how Varun Dhawan has turned a lot of doubters into fans with this movie, but let’s not overlook the mind behind this fantastic bit of cinema – the writer. Juhi Chaturvedi has been a firm rock who has helped alleviate Shoojit’s movies.

Juhi’s influence can be seen in the trailer for October where the second name in the credits is hers. In an interview with Indian Express, she had called Shoojit a ‘secure director’ for giving her the due credit which most writers in the industry are devoid of.

In its promotional videos, October has been billed as a story about love and not a love story. Juhi’s fantastic characterisation of Varun Dhawan’s character Dan is at the core of this selfless journey of adding love to the lives of a family that he comes across.

He almost ran his career to the ground trying to take care of this girl who wasn’t even in love with him. Through her dialogues, Juhi makes the audience remember Dan for a long time.

One of the biggest problems with the Hindi film industry is shoe-horning of poorly written characters who are thrust into the story to fill up the slots for stereotypes or plot-devices. Juhi has an incredible talent of developing well rounded characters who seem more like living, breathing people instead of mere characters.

With her excellent work going hand in hand with Shoojit’s fantastic direction, we are sure to get a number of these beautiful feature films.

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