Photoshopped Across The Globe, This Journalist’s Pictures Prove Beauty Changes Across The Borders

Beauty is a concept we’re all familiar with, but don’t necessarily understand. Thanks to Journalist Esther Honig‘s experiment, the whole world is talking about it, and we’re widening our definition of the term as we do.

Stuck in a desk job she desperately hated, Esther found herself thinking a simple, yet powerful idea one day. She sent out a photo of herself wearing no makeup to graphic designers across the world with a simple request – “Make me beautiful.”

She knew her request would be interpreted differently across the 20 odd countries, according to the personal and cultural standards of beauty held by the designer.

And she was right, each designer went ahead and edited her photo according to their own definition of the term. Some altered her features, some changed the colour of her skin, some added makeup, and some went even as far as to add in elements they believed would enhance her beauty.

The results are amazing, see for yourself:

What does this project achieve? Esther confesses she really doesn’t know.

Thought-provoking as they are, I guess these images convey how beauty changes across borders and helps us see beyond our own limited understanding. Beauty cannot be limited to the unrealistic standards that popular culture and advertising propagate. Thanks to Esther’s project, a lot of young girls around the world and bringing important conversations to the classroom.

A lot of brave women out there are also recreating “Before and After” in their own way, using it as a platform to redefine beauty standards around ethnicity and body image.

For Esther Honig, it started off as a simple idea to break away from boredom. Little did she know, she would spark a revolution.

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