Journalist Rana Ayyub Cribs About Kanwariyas Delaying Traffic, Twitter Snaps Back In No Time

Rana Ayyub, a journalist was running late to catch a flight and blamed it on the Kanwariyas.


Kanwariyas are the people who are on a Kawar Yatra which is an annual pilgrimage for Lord Shiva. The Yatra started on 17th July and will end on 7th August. The devotees walk barefoot in the northern states of India.

Rana Ayyub is a journalist who hails from New Delhi. She is the same woman who got a man fired for sending her a lewd messages. She was catching a flight from the domestic airport and she almost missed it. She tweeted blaming the Kanwariyas for messing up the traffic.

Here is her tweet:

Twitterati was furious and had a lot to say to her.

#1 Should have used the metro

#2 She should have gone to Pak

#3 Unfair?

#4 Communalising traffic?

#5 Some Chandler Bing- level sarcasm

#6 The new ones to blame?

#7 Apparently, it takes two hours anyway…

#8 Perhaps it was due to rains?

#9 Thank God?

#10 #LookBeforeYouLeave

#11 Someone suggested what she should have done





What are your thoughts on this?

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